Pretty In My Pocket (PRIMP) is a new way to interact with the beauty industry.
By building a database of beauty products around a social network, the PRIMP mobile application empowers users by giving them access to beauty product reviews written by real people. This lets PRIMP users pick the best products and stay up to date on beauty trends.
When we first met with Caroline Van Sickle (PRIMP’s creator), we knew that she had a phenomenal idea. What she needed was confirmation that Pretty In My Pocket could be a viable product and help figuring out how to get it launched. We walked Caroline through a series of exercises that helped her pull the valuable parts out of her idea and crystallize them into a product and brand. We took Caroline’s ideas and designed a strategy for the fledgling product that would take it from ideation all the way to launch. Both Caroline and the Premier Logic team were optimistic about PRIMP’s future and we couldn’t wait to get started. Once we finished our roadmap, we prepared our team for the next step.
We paid extra attention to PRIMP’s visual style. Because it dealt with the beauty industry, we knew that users would be beauty-forward and that their experience would be better with an attractive application. The first step was to create a logo that would really catch people’s eye. We went through a few versions before we settled on the official PRIMP branding.
After that, we focused on the user interface. Our design for Pretty In My Pocket emphasized white space and used vibrant colors to draw the eye to important information, while the logo’s hand-drawn look helped deliver a high-end boutique feel to users. The end result was a pretty UI to match the Pretty name.
PRIMP is unique in that it combines social media capabilities with a retail experience. Without going into too many details, this mean that we had to build two sides of the app: one to deal with the social aspect, the other to handle the heavy lifting of product listings and bar-code scanning. We built a full-scale custom content management system to deal with the retail side, and connected it to the social network system we developed in parallel. The end result was a powerful, robust application that redefined the way the beauty industry worked.