“We built Jubi together, side by side with Premier Logic, from day one. Premier Logic became a true partner, showing us how to get a startup up and running once you’ve developed the idea and identified the demand, but need to envision the product.”

Larry Mohl, Founder & CEO, Jubi

The Challenge

Terry Barber and Lary Mohl sought a partner who offered vision to support their own for Jubi. They believed Jubi answered a great demand in the marketplace; and they needed a partner to help bring this vision to life, ultimately this product to market.

They needed a partner with product innovation and digital capabilities, but they also desired capital support and counsel. In essence, Jubi needed an incubator.

About the Client

Terry Barber and Larry Mohl founded Jubi, a cloud-based learning and engagement platform to close the gap between learning and doing in the workplace. After decades as innovators, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs they saw a real opportunity in the marketplace to transform learning from an event to a sustainable process at scale.

Jubi can be used to deliver micro-credentials, on-board new employees, engage customers, accelerate change, and scale employee development. It delivers pre-loaded programs from top-tier subject matter experts and its powerful authoring tool allows any content to be easily converted into a Jubi experience.


“A trusted friend referred us to Premier Logic. We were immediately impressed with the breadth of experience the firm offered. They provided us a rich technology and development background with entrepreneurial expertise, which is a rare offering.”

Larry Mohl, Founder & CEO, Jubi


The Fast Track Story

Terry Barber and Larry Mohl sought an innovative partner with digital and entrepreneurial expertise to help conceptualize, develop and bring a new product to market. Leveraging its full product acceleration model, Premier Logic helped the Jubi founders go from concept to placing an MVP product into market with real customers…all in less than 12 months


Premier Logic delivered a wide range of services to conceptualize, design, develop and launch Jubi. Starting at square one with Barber and Mohl’s vision, Premier Logic provided strategic vision and consulting, product design, capital support, including access to VCs, partners and potential clients, and ultimately product development of Jubi.