Joyce Meyer Ministries

“Premier Logic exceeded our expectations by delivering a clean, beautiful iOS app before our aggressive deadline and well under our budget. That never happens!”

The Challenge
Joyce Meyer Ministries, a Christian group focused on service, was seeking a partner to modernize and rebuild their mobile app. Their existing iOS app had been reskinned before but needed to be totally rebuilt for the latest iOS version with an eye to future proofing.

About the Client

Joyce Meyer Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization based in Fenton, Missouri. They employ more than 800 people in 14 offices around the world, including more than 500 in our world headquarters.

Owing to the advent of mobile apps all around the world, JMM was keen on having their mobile app redesigned and after talks with several potential providers, they selected Premier Logic, citing our ability to quickly understand and articulate their brand, goals and needs.


“From the beginning there was a sense of Premier Logic having ownership in the project just like we did. When you feel like you have ownership, you treat it differently.”


The Fast Track Story

The Premier Logic UX experts engaged in the project providing essential feedback to the existing plans to ultimately improve the results. From there, the project quickly moved to development. This project was completed in 6 weeks taking into consideration the fact that iPhone 6 & 6 plus came out just before the completion of the development, making us do a change in order to provide for the new screen sizes.


With just six months of being available in the App Store, the Joyce Meyer Ministries iOS app was downloaded more than 208,000 times, producing 7.5 million sessions; 1.1 million in January alone!