“Six Weeks Or Less”
Cellairis is a major producer of mobile phone accessories. Launched as a single kiosk, the retailer has opened more than seven-hundred stores and has become a major player in its industry. When Cellairis contacted us about this particular project, we had to double check to make sure we heard them correctly. They wanted a full-scale E-commerce solution by Black Friday.
The business portion of our engagement with Cellairis began with a qualitative analysis. We took an in-depth look at their existing e-commerce environment, searching out flaws and documenting strengths as we went. Our analysis gave us perspective and helped us understand exactly what Cellairis needed from us. We knew that Cellairis needed their solution baked out fast, and our analysis gave us insight into ways we could fast-track the development process. Armed with that knowledge, we started work on the site’s user interface.
Cellairis wanted a strong, vibrant look on their new E-Commerce environment. Rather than create a new brand for the company, we focused on the strong points of what already existed. We wanted to showcase their mobile products. Bold colors drew the viewers eye to the products, while the iconography was designed to remind people of Cellairis’ utility in the field and on the go. The result was a user interface that reflected Cellairis’ existing identity while giving the site an updated, modern feel.
We stepped on the gas, writing out miles of code, testing, rewriting, and getting everything working just right. We created a content management system that could handle the heavy traffic they were expecting and made sure the site’s storefront worked the way it should. We’re proud of a lot of projects we’ve done for Cellairis, but this particular build is one of our favorite stories to tell. Cellairis wanted a fully functional E-Commerce platform – a hefty order under normal circumstances. But with the added challenge of building, testing, and launching in six weeks, this one is a major feather in our cap.