Managed Services Solutions
Achieve Up to 50% Cumulative TCO Reduction

Premier Logic’s Managed Services and Application Management approach focuses on rapid value realization through a constant focus on eliminating process and operational redundancies. These efficiencies are achieved by adopting a transformational approach that includes a) KPI based delivery b) service excellence, and c) transactional pricing models. With our strong expertise in advisory and C-suite offerings, Premier Logic provides its customers with high-quality, consistent, and cost effective solutions for delivering your technology transformations. Our specialized Managed Services offerings are customized for mobile, cloud, and on premise environments.

Let us work with you to assist in reducing costs through technology transformations that better align your enabling tools to your core business.

Transformational Approach

Through transactional pricing, KPI based delivery, and risk/gain sharing options, Premier Logic is taking managed services to a new level that maximizes benefits from Day 1.

  • Single point of accountability: We assume full accountability for modernizing essential systems, applications, and processes while simultaneously running them at mutually agreed service levels.
  • Simplified SLA measurement, proactive Performance Monitoring, threshold alerts, dashboard Reporting.
  • Built in service assurance model through our comprehensive service approach with:
    1. a) Architecture and modeling services.
      b) Process maintenance, execution and automation services.
      c) Process monitoring capabilities, analysis and reporting services.
Execution Excellence

Our disciplined approach to removing redundancies and fast tracking agile/lean development methodologies provides for a fast ROI:

  • Hybrid/parallel delivery models involving onshore, near shore and offshore units leveraging proven engagement approaches.
  • Improved risk mitigation and service process improvement by senior executive advisory support from the start.
  • TCO reduction achieved with predictable and transparent pricing, minimizing upfront CAPEX.
Mobile/ Cloud and On Premise

As our clients expand their cloud/mobile footprint, our framework and approach allows for flexibility when extending or modifying solutions to better align technology with the business.

  • Dedicated cloud, mobile, and on premise development and testing hubs provide for enhanced flexibility to meet individual client and project needs.
  • Full managed application service support for licensed products and components as well as custom solutions.