Enterprise Technology

To fast-track your business, you need the right tools. Our set of enterprise technology services provides your team with everything you need to drive your business forward.


Our analysis and assessment capabilities have helped major companies identify problem areas and have become their first step in organizing their resources. By working with our team, clients are able to realistically project what types of projects they can handle in their current state and make a plan for future growth.


Our roadmapping process is expressly designed for businesses that need a detailed plan of how to accomplish their goals. We can tailor our roadmaps to fast-track projects of any size, whether you’re an innovator launching a new business or an established company pushing out a new product line.

IT Advisory

While clients often benefit from our Fractional CIO/CTO work, some simply need another perspective on their system and plan. For those cases, we’ve developed what we call our IT Advisory package. As an IT advisor, we work with our clients to examine their systems and capabilities, and guide them as they move forward.

Fractional CIO/CTO

A simple solution to a complex problem, our fractional CIO/CTO service provides a CIO or CTO for a specific project. This gives businesses an advisor who can help get the most out of your technology. We can conduct technology assessments, provide insight into development processes, and guide you through adopting new technology.

Collaboration Portals

Businesses are facing a dilemma as telecommuting, remote offices, and outsourcing continue to grow as practices. With team members scattered across the globe, you need a way to keep everyone on the same page. Our collaboration portals are the perfect solution to this dilemma. Capabilities like file sharing and live editing, coupled with responsive design allow your team to work at peak effectiveness, wherever they are.

SharePoint Solutions

When it is properly built, SharePoint can be an incredible tool. It gives teams the ability to collaborate remotely on single versions of documents, provides real time data to business leaders, and generally streamlines business processes. We’ve developed a set of solutions that helps SharePoint put its best foot forward. Whether you need customer development or help with implementation, we’re ready to fast-track your SharePoint experience.

Business Intelligence

We’ve built BI dashboards for small businesses, professional sports franchises, Big-4 accounting firms, and more. Each system is optimized for the individual client, taking raw data and translating it into metrics they can use to plan their next move. By working closely with our clients, we’re able to narrow the dashboard’s focus to exactly what they need.