Product Innovation

Client Spotlight: CIO of Global Accounting Firm Crowe, LLP achieves transformation

A look at how Premier Logic helps CIO accelerate product innovation:

Our client and partner, Yvonne Scott, CIO of Crowe, was recently selected as CIO of the Year in the Corporate Category at the 2018 Chicago CIO of the Year Awards. Premier Logic was proud to attend and support Yvonne Scott.

In the related article, Yvonne Scott dives deeper into the challenge of managing highly complex accounting processes in a world where technology is constantly evolving, and how a partnership with Premier Logic helped strike the balance of driving innovation while also keeping the lights on.

“There was a unique alignment in terms of the transparency and trust that both sides brought to the partnership to ensure excellence in delivery and success for the business,” says Loren Eckart, chief revenue officer at Premier Logic. “It’s rare to forge new partnerships that combine the required experience and delivery capability, with the trust and cultural alignment needed to navigate a challenging project, but that’s exactly what we achieved with Yvonne Scott and her team.” Read the full article here: article

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