Why Premier Logic?

Finding the right partner who understands your company and its roadmap can be challenging and daunting in the enterprise world. There are a lot of moving elements and verticals to evaluate. We value our reputation as a team with full life-cycle skills. We take time to make sure we hit every mark in engaging the business, driving clear business process and user experience, leveraging enterprise-wide technology, and establishing a scalable center-of-excellence. This all successfully impacts a delivery that understands the size and needs of the enterprise ecosystem. To hit these marks with consistency of skills, approach and knowledge, we use our refined skill sets to bring expertise across these capabilities as one cohesive team. You need a partner who brings the business and domain expertise, but who can also scale and execute the technology quickly. Below are a few key attributes exploring our vision:

· Digital Perspectives – We combine the capabilities of business leaders, UX designers and technology experts all under one roof to accelerate digital transformation.

· Transformation Focus – We break down the activities into three distinct phases based on the business need for transformation, not based on technology. Innovate, Launch, Scale.

· Customer-first design – Our entire approach is about profoundly understanding the needs of the end-customer, and optimally aligning that that with the solutions we bring to bear. We are passionate about crafting great user experiences across enterprise and consumer products.

· Comprehensive Services – We serve the complete roadmap of the enterprise, from complex enterprise IT needs to innovative customer-driven digital products.

· Been There, Done That – We’ve launched hundreds of enterprise products and consumer products, end-to-end, idea-to-market. We “see around the corners”, eliminating gaps that often exist between what the business wants, what the customer needs and what IT can deliver.

· Global Delivery – Our global delivery model is fully integrated; we don’t “offshore”, we leverage an integrated global team with incredible capabilities and insights We provide 24×7 support for some of the largest and smallest companies on earth, from Global 100 companies to early stage companies just reaching the market.

·Entrepreneurial Mindset – It’s hard to think like an entrepreneur unless you’ve been there; we hire entrepreneurs and infuse an entrepreneurial culture among our teams.

· Get-It-Done Culture – We love big ideas, but we love results more; we like to think and do with a heavy bias toward action and making things happen.

· Track Record – We are a stable, award-winning, growing firm now with over 2000 resources in the US and India. We have an extensive history serving innovators: entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, private equity groups and innovation centers.