Announcement: Premier Logic acquired by the Alten Group

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We’re excited to announce that Premier Logic is now part of the ALTEN Group, a global provider of digital transformation and technology solutions, with 24,000 resources in over 80 countries. This strategic acquisition combines ALTEN Group’s scale and technology diversity with the digital innovation and fast-track execution of Premier Logic to help companies transform business across the full lifecycle of innovation and technology execution.

ALTEN Group’s existing US operation includes ALTEN CalSoft Labs (ACL), based in Santa Clara, which brings tremendous technology depth and global scale with over 2000 resources and a proven Offshore Development Center (ODC) model. Premier Logic will join forces with ACL to drive growth in the US, combining their complementary strengths in strategic innovation and global implementation.

Furthermore, Premier Logic’s onshore team of product strategists, designers, and architects will combine with ACL’s offshore delivery and development teams to achieve true transformation with speed and scale. Premier Logic will work closely with ACL, to grow their combined footprint in Silicon Valley, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and multiple locations in India.