Leading with you, our customer

Hello friends,

It’s an exciting time here at Premier Logic. For three years, we’ve enjoyed rapid growth, helping you fast-track the launch of new digital products, drive innovation across the enterprise and support the internal systems that help you grow your business.

I’d like to pause a moment on that phrase — fast track. When we say fast track, what we’re talking about is our unique approach to intently focusing on what matters to your customer. We provide clarity on what’s most important and accelerate a solution that meets their needs without the traditional gaps between the business and IT.

It’s about knowing your customer profoundly well and then delivering solutions they use and value.

We believe that all too often technology lives to serve internal agendas as opposed to meeting the needs of the customer. We break that cycle. This customer-first focus is the foundation of our fast-track platform.

Earlier this year, we took a step back from our own business to consider if we were optimally structured to deliver that same customer-first, fast-track approach to you. Through that assessment we discovered an opportunity to organize ourselves to more nimbly serve you. This resulted in a leaner, smarter structure of our strategic thinkers, who are all adept at rolling up their sleeves to get things done…quickly.

With these changes, we created a new position, Chief Revenue Officer, to be filled by Loren Eckart. For the past three years, Loren has served as our Chief Marketing Officer leading strategic growth with sales and marketing. In this expanded role, he will be more closely aligned with our customer-first perspective, helping us to sharpen our focus on you and your needs. I believe that this new position empowers us to quickly respond to your projects, and the inherent changes within your business.

Our new structure empowers us to bring the full breadth of our expertise and capabilities across product innovation, digital experience and enterprise technology to fast-track your digital initiatives across the enterprise, inside and out. Together, we’ll bridge the gap between what the business needs and what digital technology can deliver.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a few more exciting changes, on a more personal level. I’d like to congratulate Blake Whitley, managing director of our Atlanta office, and Neel Joshi, who heads up our HR Tech team, on their recent nuptials. Congrats!

We appreciate your partnership and looking forward to fast-tracking 2016!

Chad Osgood

Chief Executive Officer

Premier Logic

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