Launching the Fast-Track Approach

Fast Tracking the Next Big Idea. It’s not just scrappy start-ups these days looking to take on a more nimble, innovative, and entrepreneurial mode for business progress. Companies of all sizes are looking to merge creative thinking with critical thinking, jumpstarting projects quickly without the politics and red tape typically associated with larger, overly bureaucratic corporations.

Premier Logic crafted their business model around helping entrepreneurial leaders overcome and quickly breakthrough barriers that slow down progress. What they came to was their unique Fast-Track Solution, seamlessly integrating business, creative and technology services under one roof to speed time to value. With this approach, Premier Logic helps customers leverage digital technologies (web, cloud, mobile, enterprise content, collaboration and big data) to transform business and create solutions that engage and inspire users.

“We came up with Fast-Track because we wanted to respond to the overwhelming market need to breakthrough digital innovation barriers,” explains Loren Eckart, CMO of Premier Logic. “With this program, we’ve seen our clients overcome red tape, politics, and delivery gaps that get in the way of true progress. So we see this initiative as mission-critical for companies who truly want to innovate.”

In a recent poll conducted across 3,197 industry clients, 32.8% called their company’s innovation track record “average at best” while another 18.4% admitted their company was “slow to advance” in digital innovations. Of the barriers that prohibit successful innovative solutions within their companies, their biggest concern was that there was too much red tape and politics (44.4%) while another large sector agreed that it was difficult to get information technology (I.T.) providers to understand what the companies really needed (22.4%). Finally, a lack of follow through and poor leadership were also causes for concern in the poll, at 15.2% and 18% respectively.

For Premier Logic, it was clear that their team’s own expertise in all things digital, business strategy, user experience, and technology solutions in concert with their entrepreneurial culture could help provide a better go-to solution for their clients. The goal is to minimizing the gaps in taking new digital innovations and products to market.

“We developed a program that, in short, consists of four important ‘C’s for Fast-Track innovation,” explains Chad Osgood, CEO of Premier Logic. “Concept, Capital, Customer, and Culture are the four innovation perspectives we move through with clients. From personal experience in entrepreneurial ventures, we’re particularly passionate about Customer and Culture, since that’s where we see most big initiatives fail.”

Concept comes first as clients are able to refine their idea leveraging Premier Logic as an ideation partner in the initial phase, helping to fine-tune product strategies that best work to achieve adoption end goals. Premier Logic then helps clients to think through Capital needs in a holistic sense, including the human and resource capital needed to accelerate success. Then, to be truly Customer centric, Premier Logic makes sure to put the client in the room with their UX designers, developers and representative end-user customers, so that the client can iterate real-time to validate their idea and pivot quickly based on user acceptance. Culture, of course, refers to that magic ingredient of being able to help a company navigate through existing red tape, making sure key relationships within a company’s culture are working at full capacity so that innovation can proceed and, ultimately, succeed.

With these four crucial elements working together, the success of Premier Logic’s Fast-Track offering has seen impressive results with clients.

“Working with Premier Logic was a fantastic experience,” said Penny Newton, senior director of enterprise knowledge management for McGladrey LLP, the nation’s leading provider of assurance, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market. “They were proactive in helping us identify potential issues and challenges, and accelerate our path forward.“

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