Premier Logic Acquires Summit Technology Associates

I’m proud to officially announce our acquisition of Summit Technology Associates (STA), an ERP consulting, technology and solutions provider in Atlanta.  With additional offices in Houston and Noida, India, we added about 50 incredibly talented people to the Premier Logic (PL) team.  We also added incredible subject matter expertise in PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP and WorkDay.

I wanted to take a moment to talk less about why this is so great and more about the why.  Why this company?

We have always been great at launching new things, collaborating around major initiatives that are simultaneously entrepreneurial and highly complex.  We’ve done this for some of the world’s largest and smallest companies, from global firms with hundreds of thousands of employees to startups with no employees.  Doing entrepreneurial things when you’re a big company – and many of our clients are – requires a different set of tools, experience and character DNA.

Many of our clients struggle with just keeping-the-lights-on (KTLO).  We call this “too much KTLO, not enough grow”.  When you have all of your resources dedicated to just keeping things operational, trying to take on a major initiative is very difficult.  If the organization suffers from a lot of politics, red tape or perhaps a lack of direct expertise then that issue compounds dramatically.  Many IT organizations don’t have an accurate ability to determine – or communicate – real capacity challenges and alignment with the finance teams to understand how to right-size IT in order to get beyond KTLO and on to supporting major initiatives.

Complex systems and processes – and the people that operate them – are often part of the operational foundation that keeps a company going day-to-day.  ERP, CRM, HRIS, custom solutions, etc.; all of these work in concert to keep the company afloat.  But how many teams know SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Salesforce and the many other complex systems you often find in a mature company?  How many teams have experience in deploying those solutions at a global level?  How many teams have been-there, done-that and know the pitfalls of launching and supporting those initiatives?

STA has a very successful history in helping companies succeed in delivering ERP solutions in a global capacity.  That was exciting.  Equally exciting was the character DNA of the team that was doing it: Entrepreneurial, get-it-done attitude, been-there-done-that, focused on business first and technology second.  The founders had an incredible passion for doing offshore the right way, and they proved they could.

In meeting with the founders of STA, it was clear they shared a similar philosophy on how not to do business.  Refugees from companies with a less enlightened leadership team, STA and its employees wanted a better place to work and to know that everything they did had an impact on the business and the clients they served.  This brought us to a simple conclusion:  We wanted this great team in the PL family.

There was another gentlemen we also wanted in that family: John Izzo.  John is a friend, entrepreneur and a trusted business associate I have known for many years.  You know when you find those people in business that have unwavering character, incredible business acumen and the ability to generate confidence to everyone around them?  Yes, they’re rare.  John happens to be one of those individuals, and I’m happy to say that he has jumped on board as the Managing Director of STA to help lead a great team to a very bright future.

An acquisition is a complex thing, and it’s a testament to our business strength and operational maturity to pull it off.  We’re excited about the future.

Learn more about STA at and look out for more big things happening at Premier Logic.

Welcome aboard, STA!

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