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Premier Logic Community Spotlight: C5 Georgia

Here at Premier Logic, we’ve always identified with people and organizations who are dedicated to improving the world around them. They inspire us, amaze us, and give us hope for a better future. As we see it, we have a responsibility to pitch in whenever we can and help these organizations fast-track their goals. Part of pitching in is spotlighting excellent organizations within our community to tell you what they’re doing and how you can get involved.

Today’s Community Spotlight: C5 Georgia

What is C5 Georgia?
C5 Georgia is a part of a nationwide system that is dedicated to shaping the lives of teens, creating character-driven, community-focused individuals who are prepared to meet any challenge thrown their way. The organization was launched as an affiliate program of Coca-Cola and has grown into a five-year program that immerses students in environments that test them, educate them, and inspire them to succeed.

How Does It Work?
C5 works by focusing students on a specific goal each year they are in the program.

In year one, the students’ objective is to learn to lead themselves through personal responsibility and goal setting.
Year two focuses participants on external leadership, encouraging them to step up in other organizations and empower others to succeed.
The third year’s goal is to expand students’ horizons, teaching them to set major goals and not feel limited by location or current environment.
The fourth year features C5’s “Road to College” tour, an experience that exposes students to the academic rigors of college life and helps them prepare for life after high-school graduation.
Finally, year 5 is all about community involvement, giving back and mentoring the younger years in the program.

C5’s programming has empowered hundreds of students since the organization’s foundation: 98% of the program’s participants attend college after completing the program!

What Did PL Do?
Recently, we had the chance to host a group from C5 Georgia for a Leadership Lunch at the Premier Logic office. Organization leaders brought a small group of their 4th and 5th year students to see the office, meet with some of the team, and engage in a Q&A session over lunch with some of our brightest minds. We were amazed at the poise and intelligence the C5 students showed. Listening to them talk about future plans and potential business opportunities was incredible. They’ve got a world of potential, and they know it!

Premier Logic C5 Q&A


Want To Get Involved?
If you’re interested in getting involved with C5 Georgia, you can learn more by visiting the C5 Georgia website.

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