Why “Synergy” should be a four-letter word for technology firms:

Do you remember, back in the dark ages where the Internet was just kicking off, how the major players on the web all sounded the same? They all wanted to carry their complicated terminology out of their internal communication and bring it to the world at large. They knew what they meant, and frankly, nobody knew any other way to talk about technology. It was too new.

But there was a problem. As technology became more integrated with the general public’s daily life, non-employees were exposed to the complex language of the business world and often struggled to keep up. A lot of people were scared off because they couldn’t track with what technology providers were trying to say.

To combat this, tech companies started to develop a lighter lexicon that they could use to talk to their consumers. Emotional connection surpassed actual knowledge transfer, and products were sold based on how they made consumers feel. This shift helped push personal technology into the cultural mainstream, but it came at a cost: Techy-sounding words without real meaning had infested the industry’s language.

Today, almost every company has “leverage”, “synergize”, “accelerate” and “value-add” somewhere in its marketing literature. More often than not, that’s all they’ve ever had. They’re good words, but we don’t think they’re good enough.

We believe that clients want to see what companies are really about. They want clarity and a conversation with someone who doesn’t sound like a marketing pamphlet.

In keeping with our mission (putting clients on the fast-track to success), we realized that we couldn’t afford to use buzzwords when we talk to clients. So now, we talk to each other and our clients the same way. We pride ourselves on being direct, to the point, and using language that actually means something. Sometimes, that means we’re slinging acronyms and talking about JQuery, Ruby On Rails, PHP, and Swift (which we will talk about another time). More often, it means we’re just listening to what our clients have to say and telling them what they need to hear in return.

Clear communication helps us fast-track our clients’ big ideas.

We like it better that way.

Premier Logic has spent the past year going through a deep rebranding process. Throughout the process, we have tried to build an identity that we love and that clients love too. Keep checking back for more about the new PL brand.