Premier Logic Acquires Summit Technology Associates

I’m proud to officially announce our acquisition of Summit Technology Associates (STA), an ERP consulting, technology and solutions provider in Atlanta.  With additional offices in Houston and Noida, India, we added about 50 incredibly talented people to the Premier Logic (PL) team.  We also added incredible subject matter expertise in PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP and WorkDay. […]


Premier Logic C5 Leadership Lunch

Premier Logic Community Spotlight: C5 Georgia

Here at Premier Logic, we’ve always identified with people and organizations who are dedicated to improving the world around them. They inspire us, amaze us, and give us hope for a better future. As we see it, we have a responsibility to pitch in whenever we can and help these organizations fast-track their goals. Part […]



Fast-tracking cancer research: the AACR story

At Premier Logic, we’re all about supporting the innovators. We’re inspired by inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs—the risk-takers who dedicate their lives to figuring out how things work, then introducing incredible new solutions to our world along the way. Think Edison. Or Elon Musk and the Tesla. Or, of course, The Woz. They go back centuries, too: […]


Why “Synergy” should be a four-letter word for technology firms:

Do you remember, back in the dark ages where the Internet was just kicking off, how the major players on the web all sounded the same? They all wanted to carry their complicated terminology out of their internal communication and bring it to the world at large. They knew what they meant, and frankly, nobody […]