State of The Union: A snapshot of the Premier Logic universe.

We may be a little smaller than the US Government (and a little more southern), but we know our clients, friends, partners, and readers love to be in the loop about what’s going on in the PL world! So we’ve put together a little snapshot for you, a “state of the PL union” as we run into 2014.

A quick glance around you confirms what we’ve known for a while: the technology industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Mobile computing (both on tablets and phones) has quadrupled in popularity and has drawn even with traditional computing.

As the industry has grown, Premier Logic’s unique service model has drawn the attention of entrepreneurs, product owners, and CIO’s in major corporations. They all had the same need, and saw that Premier Logic offered a way to step outside the typical red tape to work with a company that truly understood how to fast-track their next big idea. Clients from a huge variety of backgrounds have reached out to us wanting new SharePoint environments, custom mobile applications, websites, and more.

This interest has helped Premier Logic win a number of awards including being named to the INC Magazine Hire Power list, which recognizes the fastest growing companies in each state. As a member of the top twenty fastest growing companies in Georgia, Premier Logic has become a driving force in the growing technology industry. We asked CEO Chad Osgood what he thought about the Inc Hire Power award, and he was his typical forward-thinking self. “I’m thrilled, but there’s more work to be done,” said Osgood. “We didn’t get this far by resting on our laurels, and we know that there are more companies out there who need what we can provide – a no-nonsense way to take ideas to market and fast track big ideas.”

As a company who champions innovation, Premier Logic is always searching to add new people to the team who can think outside the box and new business partners who can create solutions to complex problems. Last year, Premier Logic was able to bring a well known innovator and business strategist into the team with the hire of Loren Eckart as CMO. Eckart, the former CEO of tech startup iLumen, began his relationship with Premier Logic as a client. Throughout their engagement, Eckart was impressed with the drive the Premier Logic team showed and the way they took ownership of their parts of his project. According to Loren, the combination of innovative thinkers and talented developers was something he couldn’t pass up, so when Premier Logic extended an offer to him, he jumped at the chance to come on board.

Along with adding new staff, Premier Logic has continued to seek out business partners who can produce custom solutions to specific business problems, adding their strengths and augmenting Premier Logic’s own services.

Recently, Premier Logic saw a need for a partner in their SharePoint practice. While Premier Logic specializes in experience design and custom sharepoint development, it was clear to the company’s leadership that adding a partner could help clients get more out of their SharePoint experience. Premier Logic sought out Nintex, a leader in SharePoint workflow tools, and began a conversation with them. Nintex, like Premier Logic, is dedicated to giving clients the tools they need to succeed. Since joining forces, Premier Logic and Nintex have worked together on a number of projects and have seen excellent results. Combining Premier Logic’s experience design and development talent with Nintex’s workflow products gives clients a powerful tool for future growth.

Additionally, we’ve undergone an in-depth re-branding process in the past year. If you want a glimpse of our re-branding process, you should enjoy this article: Synergy is a Four Letter Word.

We’re thrilled at the progress we’ve seen this year, and we can’t wait to see what else comes our way!

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