We work with people who are launching new things.
Typically, this is a business manager in a large enterprise who is pioneering a new product or initiative. Sometimes it is someone starting a new company. Either way, they have an idea and need to get it baked out fast.
What does it take to fast-track your next big idea?
Business, creative, and technology
(all three … and in order)
Entrepreneur experience and mindset
(we know how to launch things … we’ve done it a lot)
Get-it-done culture
(think fast … act faster)
Our thinking.
There’s logic, and then there’s Premier Logic. Ours is the kind that adds creative thinking to critical thinking. It means starting with the user experience in mind and not just the technical requirements. It bypasses the endless ocean boiling to actually get product out the door by anchoring technical brilliance to not-so-common business sense. It’s how you launch things that actually work. And that’s Premier Logic.

Standard logic vs.Premier logic


Critical Thinking

Critical & Creative Thinking

Do the 300-page purpose document because you always do

Do what’s needed to get the project done faster

Start with the requirements in mind

Start with the user experience in mind

Months of development to get your product just right

Minimum Viable Product to make sure it’s the right product

Hire a good business agency, a good creative agency, and a good development firm

Seamlessly integrate business strategists, creatives, and technologists into a single solution

Carefully spoon-feed your vendor’s team

Bring in a team that can feed themselves

Make sure your vendor can handle the solution

Make sure your vendor will train your team to handle the solution

“Overall, they’re the best I’ve worked with.” — CIO of a financial technology company
Our Leadership Team