Premier Logic Transformation Lifecycle

At Premier Logic, we understand that challenge of replacing legacy systems and processes. Additionally, the hardest part can be just getting started. Assessing the right path takes a village. We appreciate that weight and want to partner with you to fully understand the problems you’re facing? Analysis paralysis can set in and what started off as a simple idea is now a multi-year roadmap.

We operate in three efficient phases to get the job done.

Innovate Phase: The first phase is where we carefully access avenues to minimize risk. We fully explore the definition of the problem across your business, customer and technology stakeholders. Our Innovation phase includes these activities:

  • Strategy: Through focused workshops across business, creative and technology, we uncover all historical and visionary aspects of the product. This helps align all parties, focus on the early definition of delivery targets and set the stage for productive design efforts.
  • Prototype: The design phase is primarily centered on solutions architecture, user experience and visual design.
  • Roadmap: An actionable plan is the final step toward the innovation outcome.

Launch Phase: Next, we focus on minimizing the risk of complex technology execution. We do via two steps:

  • Build: During the build phase we are heavily focused on actual development and comprehensive testing.
  • Launch: We coordinate a decision matrix with the team to determine a go/no-go decision, and transition (if applicable) all final assets to a production environment.

Scale Phase: Finally, we extract long-term economic benefits by reducing operational costs and scaling with the growth of the business. There are three steps to this phase:

  • Application Managed Services: We have the ability to provide full operational and application support.
  • Marketing Managed Services: Working across traditional and digital mediums, we help brands and business meet the unspoken needs of the user to drive value through engagement and participation.
  • Center of Excellence: Providing enablement across the enterprise on critical technology initiatives.