Premier Logic Digital Perspectives

Establishing a balance between business users, the customer experience and the technical team is the precursor to a successful technology implementation. When the balance tips too far in any one direction the risk of delivering a flawed solution increases. Below is a description of how our combined three perspectives guide delivery to create and maintain this balance.

At Premier Logic, we intentionally overlap business, customer and technology experts in a way that assures different perspectives are brought to an initiative. Business, customer and technology are the raw materials of our delivery, and we organize them at every stage to help our customers achieve lean transformation.

Business Perspective
Business users must have a true understanding of what is being built and how they will interact with the system when it is completed. To accomplish this Premier Logic uses a set of tools that provides the business users with a complete picture of the final product. Having this complete picture before the development process begins eliminates re-work when the product is delivered by the technical team.

Customer Perspective
Ultimately, customer adoption of any system is the true measure of success. The greatest solution in the world will fail if the interface creates a barrier for users. Our customer team of UX and creative designers listen to your customer and let them validate that you truly understand the problem before seeking
solutions to solve it. We check, recheck and validate assumptions along the entire journey . The creative team succeeds by developing some of the original artifacts and working inside the boundaries provided by other deliverables:

Technology Perspective
Often times the technology team is provided with a massive requirements document and asked to build the solution. They have not been involved in any of the design process. Premier Logic includes a senior solution architect during the creation of each deliverable, and throughout the entire lifecycle.