Innovation Firm Premier Logic Enters Strategic Acquisition to Become Global Digital Division

ICYMI: Earlier this week we announced that Premier Logic had been acquired by ALTEN Group and ALTEN Calsoft Labs to lead their newly-formed Digital division. This positions us to quickly expand our Digital Transformation Capabilities with a global footprint. Our brand, our leaders and our team remain in place. Thank you Hypepotamus for connecting with […]


Announcement: Premier Logic acquired by the Alten Group

Read The Press Release We’re excited to announce that Premier Logic is now part of the ALTEN Group, a global provider of digital transformation and technology solutions, with 24,000 resources in over 80 countries. This strategic acquisition combines ALTEN Group’s scale and technology diversity with the digital innovation and fast-track execution of Premier Logic to […]


Why Premier Logic?

Finding the right partner who understands your company and its roadmap can be challenging and daunting in the enterprise world. There are a lot of moving elements and verticals to evaluate. We value our reputation as a team with full life-cycle skills. We take time to make sure we hit every mark in engaging the […]



Digital Transformation – Why does it fail?

Facts at a Glance: The Transformation Challenge: Over 70 % of Digital Transformations initiatives fail • Half a century ago, the life expectancy of a Fortune 500 company was 75 years; today it’s 15 years. • More than 40% of all businesses today will not survive the next 10 years. • In response to these threats, […]



Premier Logic Lean Approach for Digital Transformation

Our Lean Formula for Digital Transformation Our Lean Formula for Digital Transformation combines comprehensive digital perspectives backed by an accelerated lifecycle to help organizations prevent costly mistakes in their transformation journey. At Premier Logic, we strategically combine business leaders, customer-experience designers and technology experts under one roof to minimize gaps in aligning business outcomes with […]



Premier Logic Digital Perspectives

Establishing a balance between business users, the customer experience and the technical team is the precursor to a successful technology implementation. When the balance tips too far in any one direction the risk of delivering a flawed solution increases. Below is a description of how our combined three perspectives guide delivery to create and maintain […]